Policies and Procedures

Store Rules

No Cheating

No cheating. This rule should go without saying and should be respected within our store. That being said, we do encourage Gamemasters to break this rule for the sake of interesting gameplay.

Merch Rules

Please do not bring any unpaid merchandise inside the game area. We have a wide variety of games for you to try or purchase in our shop.

No Bad Language

We ask that you consider your language in our store. No new, non-gaming vocabulary. We also ask that you keep your language game related

No Stealing

Stealing from the store or other people in the game area will result in a ban from the store AND involvement of Law Enforcement. This is a zero-tolerance policy. 

No Bad Attitudes

We ask that you try to have a great attitude and utilize good sportsmanship during gameplay. There's nothing worse than a bad attitude. 

No Smoking

Smoking and vaping are not allowed inside our store. We request that you step outside if you have the urge to take a smoke break. 

No Alcohol

We do not allow alcohol in our store. This is a zero-tolerance policy that we will strictly enforce in all areas of our store. 

Store Recommendations

Clean Up

Please clean up after yourself in the game area and bathroom. If it's a bigger mess, please let us know so we can clean it up right away.

Use A Lid

Please use drink containers that have lids.

Ask Questions

Please ask us about games! If you don't know how to play, we'd love to teach you.

Report Issues

If you had a product that we sold you come out damaged from the sealed packaging, please let us know. We can help you contact the game manufacturer.

Share Suggestions

Please let us know if there's a game you'd like us to look into. We love learning all sorts of different games. Who knows, you could help grow the community here for one of your favorite games!

Value With Us

Feel free to ask us for help when valuing for player trade cards. We can help you research and get the best deal.

Please keep in mind that singles can be sold to the store for 60% market value in store credit, or 40% in cash.

Only board games can be returned within 30 days as long as you have proof of purchase and the game is still sealed.