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Adventurer's Room Rental

Adventurer's Room

At Dungeon Cat Gaming in Glen Ellyn, IL, our Adventurers game room is dedicated to board games. Our vast selection of games ranges from classic favorites to modern titles that will suit any adventurer’s taste. You can enjoy your favorite games with our resources, including a variety of books, dungeon tiles, and Wizard’s Campaign cases. We also have a TV set up in case you want to use digital maps or set ambient music to create an immersive atmosphere. To keep you fueled during your gaming session, we offer snacks and drinks, which are included with your visit. Additionally, we welcome outside food, such as pizza from our friends at Domino’s. So, gather your fellow adventurers and join us at Dungeon Cat Gaming for a thrilling board game experience in our dedicated Adventurers game room.

$5 per person/hour

*Store rules apply in Adventurer Room

If you are ready to reserve the Adventurer’s room for you and your friends reserve your date and time by clicking on the button below, if you have any additional questions regarding game room rentals please contact us.

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